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FLIR A400 Smart Series

FLIR A400 Smart Sensor

The FLIR A400 Thermal Smart Sensor Camera has the features automation solution providers need for complex monitoring applications, including elevated skin temperature screening when used as an adjunct to other body temperature screening tools, critical infrastructure, product quality, and early fire detection. The Smart Sensor configuration includes multiple measurement tools and alarms while also providing computing-on-the-edge, with analytics performed at the camera level for immediate results. With a range of lens choices, motorized focus control, and unrivaled connectivity, A400 cameras offer unmatched power and flexibility. Easy configuration allows you to tailor this monitoring system to your company’s quality, productivity, maintenance, and safety needs.

Model: 320 × 240 - 14°, 24°, 42° HFoV
FLIR A400 THERMAL SMART SENSOR CAMERA The FLIR A400 Series, when configured for Smart Sensor capabilities, offers advanced thermal imaging paired with edge computing and industrial internet of things (IIoT) for simplified inclusion in new or existing networks. With multiple fie..
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