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FLIR A400 Streaming Series

FLIR A400 Image Streaming Camera

FLIR A400-Series Thermal Image Streaming Cameras offer the monitoring capabilities needed to accurately detect and identify thermal issues across manufacturing and industrial processes. With multiple field-of-view choices, multi-streaming capabilities, motorized focus control, and optional compressed radiometric streaming over Wi-Fi, these fixed-mount camera solutions can tackle the most complex remote monitoring objectives. Easy configuration allows you to tailor this monitoring system to your company’s quality, productivity, maintenance, and safety needs.

Model: 320 × 240 - 14°, 24°, 42° HFoV
FLIR A400 THERMAL IMAGE STREAMING CONFIGURATION  The FLIR A400 Thermal Fixed Mount Camera, when configured for Image Streaming, offer automation solution providers and industrial stakeholders the capabilities they need to accurately identify thermal issues across manufacturi..
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