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PT-Series Accessories

Model: E Series Side Mount Bracket
Side Mount Payload Bracket for FLIR E Series Pan Tilt units. Weight specifications vary depending on the PTU. ..
Model: PT-PDST-01
Kit Contents: PT-Series pedestal mount 4119497 PT-Series adapter plate 4119468 6 each 1/4-20 FHMS x 3/4” Hex, S.S. 6 each 5/16-18 x 3/4 SHCS, S.S.  6 each 5/16 split washer  6 each 5/16 flat washer Two extra pieces of each attaching part The Teledyne FLIR PT-Series pedestal mount (4119497) a..
Model: 261-2664-00
Side Mount Payload Bracket (1)Side-mounting payload bracket for the PTU-5 pan tilt. Up to 3 lb capacity per side, 6 lb total with two side brackets. Side bracket use requires removal of the PTU-5 top bracket. (Side and top brackets cannot be used together at the same time.)..
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