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Model: 421-0045-00
The Photon Replicator Kit includes a Photon Replicator Board, as well as a wearsaver and rear cover, that emulates the 15-pin D-sub electrical interface to Photon 320. A "horseshoe" shaped bracket is also included that, when attached to the Tau, exactly mimics the mounting scheme of the Photon 320 c..
Model: 261-2664-00
Side Mount Payload Bracket (1)Side-mounting payload bracket for the PTU-5 pan tilt. Up to 3 lb capacity per side, 6 lb total with two side brackets. Side bracket use requires removal of the PTU-5 top bracket. (Side and top brackets cannot be used together at the same time.)..
Model: 261-1477-00
The Tau 2 board spacer accessory allows add-on electronics to be securely mounted to the camera body. An example is the Camera Link module accessory for Tau 2...
Model: 500-0426-00
The Tau 2 video/power/control (VPC) is an accessory that adapts the native high-density electrical interface to a USB Mini-B connector for power and control, as well as an MCX (micro-coaxial) connector for analog video. This part number is for the VPC only, cables are not included...
Model: 285-0029-02
The FLIR TAU - 4-Inch Blackbody Source for ALC & Supplemental FFC, offers a uniform temperature source for FLIR Tau 2 Thermal Cameras.Low cost 4-inch blackbody which provides a uniform temperature source when using FLIR's Alt Lens Cal software to field-calibrate lens-less Photon or Tau cameras with ..
Model: 421-0058-00
Expansion board for Tau SWIR cameras that matches the functionality of the VPC module, and adds the ability to access digital data via mini-Camera Link connection. Installation instructions can be found in the Tau SWIR Users Guide. The Kit includes: Camera Link Expansion Board 6-ft MCX to..
Model: 421-0059-00
The Tau SWIR video/power/control (VPC) is an accessory that adapts the native high-density electrical connector to a mini-USB interface for power and control, and mini-coaxial (MCX) connector for analog video. The Kit includes: VPC adapter 6-ft MCX to BNC video cable 3-ft USB-A to Mini-B c..
Model: T198583
Key features: Report templates (horizontal IR + DC, vertical IR + DC, horizontal IR + IR). Manual IR/Visual Image Grouping Import images from your camera to your computer. Apply filters when searching for images. Search all text in images and text annotations. Store the five latest search cr..
Model: T198342ACC
Focus adjustment tool for A35 and A65..
Model: GTX100
Scion Docking Station (GTX100) Built for customization and flexibility, the GTX100 mounts to vertical and horizontal surfaces, including boat cabin walls and squad vehicle center consoles. A built-in locking feature securely latches the FLIR Scion thermal imaging monocular in place during p..
RHP-BOS-CL-SY-IF Camera Link Module Converts the Boson Camera to Camera Link and provides Sync access The RHP-BOS-CL-SY-IF Camera Link module is an expansion board for the FLIR Boson camera that can connect USB power and communication, analog video, and digital data via Camera Link..
Model: rhp-bos-rc-hd-if
RHP-BOS-RC-HD-IF Integrate the FLIR Boson into your UAS. The RHP-BOS-RC-HD-IF allows you to control the Boson camera remotely using a 16 Channel S-Bus Signal or up to 5 PWM Signals from your wireless Joystick Remote Control System. Now you can assign any available parameter on the Boson ..
Model: rhp-bos-tau-rb-if
RHP-BOS-TAU-RB-IF Boson Tau Replicator Interface The replicator board adapts the Tau 2 interfaces electronically to make them compatible to the FLIR Boson Camera. By adapting the Boson's native 80-pin Hirose connector to the 50-pin TAU 2 connector used on FLIR's Tau 2 camera accessories, i..
Model: 500-1120-00
F-/FC-Series Pedestal Mount For use with: TRITON™ F-SERIES ID ELARA™ FC-Series R F-/FC-Series Pedestal Mount Part Number 500-1120-00 For use with: TRITON™ F-SERIES ID ELARA™ FC-Series R..
Model: 500-1121-00
F-Series Small Pole Adapter For pole diameters between 65mm-110mm For use with: TRITON™ F-SERIES ID..
Model: 500-1123-00
F-Series ID wall mountF-Series Wall Mount for the FLIR Triton™ F-Series ID Part Number 500-1123-00..
Model: 500-0463-00
Pedestal Mount for the FLIR FC Series Cameras. FC Series Pedestal Mount 500-0463-00 The FC-Series cameras are an infrared thermal imaging camera intended for outdoor security applications, and can be installed in a fixed location or on a pan/tilt mechanism. The FC-Seriescameras are intended to be ..
Model: 4124857
F Series Power Supply Assy 24VAC For use with: TRITON™ F-SERIES ID TRITON™ PT-SERIES HD TRITON™ A310 PT (SECURITY) FLIR Power Supply Assembly - 24VAC Part Number 4124857 Works with: TRITON™ F-SERIES ID TRITON™ PT-SERIES HD TRITON™ A310 PT (SECURITY)..
Model: T199698
Environmental Housing for the FLIR Ax5 Specially designed for the FLIR Ax5 series, the environmental housing offers effective protection against dust and water jets in harsh environment. The front part covers the camera lens using high transmittance Coated Germanium infrared glasses with sealing ri..
Model: 500-1119-00
Corner Mount For use with: TRITON™ F-SERIES ID ELARA™ FC-SERIES O ELARA™ FC-Series R ELARA™ FC-SERIES ID F-/FC Series Corner Mount Part Number 500-1119-00 For use with: TRITON™ F-SERIES ID ELARA™ FC-SERIES O ELARA™ FC-Series R ELARA™ FC-SERIES ID..
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